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【公式】飛騨高山のPR 映像・動画(高山市・行政)

高山市役所 様から委託を受け高山市の公式映像を制作させていただきました。

Creative Director : Ryuhei Toda / 4293
Art work : Shotaro Inagoshi / HAND
Cinematographer : Fukutaro Teraji
Directed by : NAUGHTY STUDIO


There is a phrase, “Seiko Udoku,” in Japanese.
It means plowing the fields on sunny days and reading on rainy days.
In other words… Slow life.
A relaxed life in coexistence with nature. That is the flow of time in Hida Takayama.

■撮影協力■ Shooting location

(有)渋草柳造窯 | Shibukusa Ryuzo Pottery Inc.​

やわいや | Yawai​

その他市内各所 | Various places in Takayama city

高山市【公式】Official WEB :​