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HIDA JAPAN | 飛騨 観光PR映像


岐阜県 飛騨地域 観光PR映像 – 四季折々、豊かな表情を持つ飛騨地域。古都を感じる美しい街並みや、受け継がれる文化伝統。そして広大な大自然。高山市や飛騨市・白川郷など、誰しもが繰り返し訪れたくなる飛騨地域とその周辺の魅力を、春夏秋冬で凝縮し映像に収めています。

Tourism promotion of Hida region Gifu prefecture, Japan. / Whole year edition. Hida region has a rich expression from season to season. Feel the culture and tradition from the beautiful cityscape. Experience the vast nature. Impress with delicious local food. The charm of the Hida region that everyone repeatedly wants to visit is condensed and included in the video.


HIDA, Japan – Spring Edition / 飛騨|春

HIDA, Japan – Summer Edition / 飛騨|夏

HIDA, Japan – Autumn Edition / 飛騨|秋

HIDA, Japan – Winter Edition / 飛騨|冬

Cinematographer : Fukutaro Teraji
Director of Photography : Motohiko Hino

Executive producer : 高山グリーンホテル / Takayama Green Hotel